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Our Support for


You may know that the War in Ukraine is close to home for us as we have Ukrainian family members that are severely affected by the conflict back home.

We have decided to develop a ‘Play for Ukraine’ special charitable edition of our Classic Original whistle

We think Robert Clarke would have approved and would be proud to help.

To buy please check our Partners page here and contact the relevant distributor for your country.

Kalyna & Shchedryk

The Charity model will feature a special Tune Sheet & fingering chart with the popular Ukrainian folk songs ‘Shchedryk’ & ‘Kalyna’:

Shchedryk (Щедрик) - known worldwide as the ‘Carol of the bells’

Kalyna (Ой у лузі червона калина) – Recently featured by Pink Floyd & Boombox


Our Chosen Charity

We are big Volodymyr Zelenskyy fans!

His continued call for our help to help those fleeing the war, is what we are focusing on. Your donation will go to the humanitarian efforts for the largely women & children that remain still in the war zone and also those that have fled to other European Nations, while their courageous Husbands & Fathers remain to fight for freedom.

Please read about how they help here:

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